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I have had a first run of the V5 Playtest a few weeks ago. During the playtest I noticed that the character backgrounds as written, even though I already made a few alterations, did offer some some challenges.

In consequence I decided to give the characters a bigger overhaul for the next playtest. I would like to share my documents and do would be happy to receive comments or remarks.

For the playtest itself, please go to and download it at their blog:
V5 pre-alpha: The curtain rises!.
If you run the playtest, please give them feedback. If you did alterations, like using the characters as I changed it, please mention it as the standard assumption will be that you ran it as written.

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My Oneshot of Blades in the Dark found a continuation and as with my previous Oneshot I summarized the experience in an Actual Play.
Blades in the Dark is the new Kickstarter project by John Harper in which the players get to play a crew of daring scoundrels trying to form a criminal Empire in a haunted city.